2023 | Q2 Report – Incident Reports, Major CVEs & Threat Intel

Our 2023 Q2 Report speaking to incident reports, major CVEs and threat intel is here again. In this report, we have

The report summarizes the main cyber incidents and trends observed in Nigeria and globally in the second quarter of 2023. It highlights the following points:

  • Many cyber incidents were not reported by organizations and businesses, which could undermine the digital trust and security of society.
  • Old and new vulnerabilities were exploited by threat actors, targeting government, schools, and businesses with supply chain attacks, data espionage, ransomware, and hacktivism.
  • New ransomware groups emerged and targeted South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya with business email compromise attacks.
  • Threat intelligence Ops detected and reported misconfigurations that led to sensitive data leakage on critical systems and facilities in Nigeria.


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