How Deception Technology Adds Value To Security Operations.

Deception technology is a cybersecurity defense practice that aims to deceive attackers by distributing a collection of traps and decoys across a system’s infrastructure to imitate genuine assets.

The use of deception technology can help put organizations ahead in their defense against cyber-attacks as it provides enhanced visibility. If properly implemented, it can even help position organizations for what is known as active defense. Deception technology can be added to security operation engagements such as Red and Purple Teaming exercises, as incorporating this will enhance the visibility gain/lessons for the Blue Teamers participating in such exercise. This visibility gain includes further insight into the specific tactics and approaches that attacker might use (gathering full indicators of compromise (IOCs) and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) into lateral movement and internal recon activity), as they are made to engage with decoys or deception lures that might have been put in place prior to the exercise (during testing) and sometimes in the production environments.

The edge this brings to the security team is that it positioned them to know how and when attackers circumvent security controls, enriching the information that reaches the SOC ahead of time and making decisions on the course of actions applicable to critical information security assets to be dynamic as necessary changes can be made ahead of the attackers.

Cyber deceptions deploy traps and lures on the network without disrupting the normal working operation of the organization. Triggers are expected, when such defensive controls are breached or bypass or interacted with by the threat actors, and such information are sent to the SOC about who these threat actors are and the possible threat landscape applicable to the organization in its regional/specific cyber boundaries.

Since the game is not always stacked in our favour. Our opponents operate at all hours of the day, every day of the year. They can be anywhere in the world, hide their moves, and are forever looking for weaknesses in our defense; it is better we act fast by using their own pieces against them as they will not hesitate to use ours against us. The more reason why going the route of using deception technology can put you ahead of the game.

CyberPlural can help empower your security team to keep them in good shape at all times against cyber adversary.

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